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20-Sided Guy
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20-SIDED GUY VINYL LP "Several genres are going to be represented on the album, from medieval fantasy, to post-apocalyptic sci-fi, to H.P. Lovecraft, to vampirism, to superheroes, to just plain old dirty poetry." With the infinite patience of aspecialthing Records, du Bouchet has recorded each album track in a different venue, which not only resulted in a very eclectic mix of performances, but also serves as an illustration of what performing has been like for the comedian during his time in Los Angeles: "I perform in actual comedy clubs about as often as I look in the mirror naked and nod approvingly," said du Bouchet. "Most of the time I find myself performing in bars or small theaters, and I wanted to capture a variety of those rooms. Also, as I learned from my first album, making a live audience sit through an uninterrupted hour of my material should probably be a violation of the Geneva Convention."

DELUXE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD TRACK LISTING (included with vinyl purchase!) :

1. To Victory! 10:03

2. One Hundred and Me Percent 8:20

3. Mr. Fluffernutter 7:16

4. And Me... I'm Charles Delicious 11:40

5. Se7en 2wo 9:09

6. A Handy-Dandy Guide to the Mutants of the Post-Apocalypse (They'll Eat Your Face!) 12:03

7. String Bean Toddler Train Wreck 7:23

8. Godzilla vs. The Tectonic Vibrometer 10:12

9. The Testiculating Horror 12:50

10. So, You've Been Turned! 9:32

11. Crazy Actress Roommate 7:11

12. Mr. Awesomeness 9:19

13. July 8th, 2004 13:03

14. J.P. Buck's 4:27

15. The Pit of Maximum No Return 2:54

16. A Cobblestone Wall in Winter (and Other Poems) 9:06.


Title: 20-Sided Guy
Genre: Comedy
Artist(s): Andres Du Bouchet
Label: Aspecialthing Rec.
Release Date: 12/16/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 819162017159
Item #: 1359800X


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