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Percussive powerhouse, AUSECUMA BEATS release new single, 'Sallier' and announce their forthcoming album, 'Musso' out via Music in Exile.

The rhythmic style of Ausecuma Beats is as impressive as ever in this release, with complex interweaving motifs creating grooves that are difficult to resist.

Based on traditional melodic and thematic elements found throughout West Africa, Ausecuma Beats bring their own flavour to their interpretation of 'Sallier.' Lyrically, the song asks everyone to calm down, so that they can listen and be inspired by the message that is about to be shared. Musically, this is replicated as different instruments in the ensemble share their melodies, each making room for the other to take the spotlight; if every instrument is playing loudly, the beauty of each individual cannot sing through. Throughout the track, each musician shares their song and is celebrated, before they seamlessly join back into the groove of the ensemble.

Ausecuma Beats are a representation of what is possible when inclusion and diversity are celebrated. Musically, each individual artist brings their own unique sound. However, when these musicians join together they create a powerhouse full of energy, grooves and joy. It is the way these incredible musicians join together that makes Ausecuma Beats truly impressive.

Since the release of their first EP and full length self titled LP, Ausecuma Beats have been making new friends and winning the hearts of audiences everywhere. Beginning with a cult following from their longterm Sunday afternoon residency in Brunswick, they have grown to share their music and the stage with fellow collaborators, including members of Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Mildlife, Horatio Luna and River Yarra.

Performing live as a 9-piece ensemble (often inviting along special guests!) Ausecuma Beats has been a stand out artist at festivals including Boogie Festival, Melbourne Music Week and Strawberry Fields. Announced on 2021 line ups including Hopkins Creek, Backyard Festival, and Queenscliff Music Festival, it is clearly evident that Ausecuma Beats are becoming known for their ability to make the dance floor move!

The energy of their live show is truly electric and unstoppable - be sure to get a front row spot and bring your dancing shoes!


Title: Musso
Genre: International
Artist(s): Ausecuma Beats
Label: Music in Exile
Release Date: 2/11/2022
Product Type: LP
UPC: 196006578848
Item #: 2437076X


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