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Double Negative PT. I: For Lack of a Better World
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Main Entry: av*a*tar Pronunciation: 'a-v&-'tär Function: noun Etymology: Sanskrit avatAra descent, from avatarati he descends, from ava- away + tarati he crosses over Date: 1784 1 a : an incarnation in human form b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person 3 : a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity Avatar's words wind snake-like over the beat as he leads listeners through a range of topics, using hip hop as a means to vent his frustrations as an artist. Ever since the early nineties, he has been involved in underground hip hop & applied his DIY ethic to every project that he has touched. Whereas most m.c.s have a signature style, cadence and rhyme scheme, Avatar tends to let his style change with each song, to better complement the production values of the works as he undergoes schizophrenic transformations on the microphone. Currently performing along side longtime cohorts the Cosmic Truckaz, Avatar first made a name for himself with L.A. club favorites the Underlords, and since his departure has released two solo albums: 'Republik'(2000) and 'Double Negative Pt. I: For Lack of a Better World' (2003), the latter of which was chosen as the Amoeba Music Home Grown Selection in October of 2003. He has also earned respect as a producer, crafting beats for Ex Vandalz (Shapeshifters crew), Akuma (Shapeshifters, Chainsmokers), Elevated Grounds and many others. 2004 promises to be a busy year, as Avatar intends to release two full-length albums ('Deas Ex Machina' produced by DJ Obi, and State of the Art's 'Quintessential' produced by Presto), as well as producing a compilation to showcase the best underground talent in Los Angeles. Stay tuned.


Title: Double Negative PT. I: For Lack of a Better World
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Artist(s): Avatar
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 6/10/2003
Product Type: CD
UPC: 751937227625
Item #: CDBY722762
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