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Best: DVD Series
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Once "The !!!! Beat" was only a legend. Fans and collectors heard that there was a television show in the mid-1960s that captured the absolute very best of the soul and R&B singers of the day. Some said it was made in Nashville and some said that it was made in Dallas. Musicians remembered working on the show and a few people remembered seeing it, but no one seemed to know what had happened to it. Did the tapes still exist? How many shows were there? Who exactly was on it? All the episodes still exist! It really was a fabulous show! It really was in color! It really did feature the absolute best of the soul and R&B acts of the day! And whereas once just fragments of the shows made their way onto bootlegs, now the entire series is available in first-generation quality. Here is a reminder of what real soul and blues music was like from the absolute original masters.


Title: Best: DVD Series
Genre: Soul/R & B, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Starring: Little Milton, Etta James, Esther Phillips, Carla Thomas
Studio: Bear Family
Attributes: Digipack Packaging
Release Date: 6/21/2005
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 4000127201263
Item #: 247466X

Technical Information

Region: 0
Street Date: 6/21/2005

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