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Headless Fowl
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'Vancouver based Big John Bates has got together with upright bass bower and vocal shrieker Brandy Bones and percussionist Timothy Hagberg to make this mini-LP of semi-impenetrable new weird Americana. New weird? Well, at times it seems to have more in common with a slasher movie than with the Old Weird Southern Gothic we know and love - these aren't ghosts and vampires plodding around the swamps, but something pretty gruesome. Probably with a machete. A big machete. Setting the tone is the instrumental opener 'Amerkin' - which is suitably unclear - is this a musical comment on America, or just a playful allusion to a merkin? Whichever, it moves from mournful bass with subdued drums and spectral guitar to a powerhouse of railroad drumming and blood curdling yells. Musically it's a blend of Jack White style blues, Calliope organ, thumping drums and banshee wails - and like Dark's Carnival billowing unexpected across an unsuspecting rural landscape there's a touch of the burlesque and unbridled sexuality - mere sensuality is too subtle. 'Wide Open Blues' exemplifies this mood - Big John Bates' alternately drunkenly slurs and shouts the disconnected tale of a lost soul 'wide open, wide open, wide open blues / Road to hell loosened the screws / They said I was low, I was out of control'. Brandy Bones is as dissolute on 'Taste the barrel' which finds her skinning wolves whilst toothy nightingales sing and the dead swing on the carousel. It's hypnotic and intriguing but be careful - the left hand may be beckoning - but the hand hidden behind the back is holding that knife, Jack. It may only last a whisker over eighteen minutes but they are eighteen unforgettable minutes - raw and knowing and powerful and half-joking - and all worth hearing.' - Jonathan Aird (


Title: Headless Fowl
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Big John Bates
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 4/8/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 859706893412
Item #: 1381986X
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