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Brand:Big Fudge
Item #: 2385255X
Available Date: 4/1/2021
Model Number: BFSB12X50US

Description & Details


Vinyl Record Sleeves Bundle by Big Fudge - 50x Record Outer Sleeves Plus 50x Record Inner Sleeves - Crystal Clear Album Sleeves and Rounded Acid Free LP Sleeves for 12" Records

Spend MORE Time Listening to Scuff-Free Tunes - While you could shop around for the outer AND inner sleeves you need, you could also be spending that time just listening to your scuff-free vinyl collection. You see, some outer covers are too big, too sticky and too matte, while some inners are flimsy and not protective at all. Looking for the RIGHT sleeves just takes time away from hanging out with our beloved vinyl. So we bundled up our two most LOVED LP sleeve sets. Now, spend less time searching and more time listening!

Product Features

ALL-IN-ONE PROTECTION: Instead of YOU wasting time shopping around for vinyl outer sleeves AND inner record sleeves, we bundled up our two most LOVED vinyl LP sleeves so you could spend less time searching, and more time listening to pristine, scuff-free tunes.

50x CRYSTAL CLEAR OUTERS: Fits all 12” albums, doubles and gatefolds, with less overhang than other LP storage sleeves, and room to breathe. We use 3mil, crystal clear polyprop so album artwork shines through while preventing albums from sticking together

50x ACID FREE INNERS: The round corners on our inner record sleeves slide in and out of even the most weathered covers with ease, while the light, yet heavy duty card gives you “long play” protection! External seams let you slide vinyl in and out without any snags.

SIZED TO FIT: Your vinyl cover sleeves are 12.75” square, while the inner LP record sleeves are an exact 12”. And while we can’t say YOUR particular triple and quad albums will fit, we CAN say thousands of others have slipped in and out of our vinyl sleeves with no problem

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: These outer and inner sleeves for vinyl records have been designed BY record collectors, FOR record collectors just like you! But if, for any reason this isn’t what you were looking for please contact us for a full refund. No questions asked

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