Now Spinning | The 1975

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Now Spinning | The 1975



    Order #39541 this is total bullshit!! i NEVER requested my order to be cancelled. i specifically sent you an email yesterday(2-7-17) stating that it had been 2 weeks and my order had NOT been shipped and that i was waiting for the order to deliver OR AT LEAST receive a professional reply as to what the hell was going on because 2 of the items in my order are for my nephews birthday!!! and then you turn around the following day and cancel my order WHEN I NEVER REQUESTED IT TO BE CANCELLED? what the hell is wrong with you people?? EXPLAIN THAT TO ME, PLEASE SEND ME MY ORDER AS I’M WAITING ON THIS STUFF CAUSE IT’S GIFTS…… PLEASE CONFIRM!!!! I NEVER ASKED FOR IT TO BE CANCELLED…

  • jehane

    Shopping from Cbrmouka in the world and get Astrdadnkadi

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