Complete Elvis Presley Masters Box Set Giveaway!

Complete Elvis Presley Masters Box Set Giveaway!

Need a little more Elvis Presley in your life? Well, here's your chance!

In order to be entered into the giveaway, all you need to do is go to this page and enter your email address. 

Next week, we'll choose a winner -- and that winner could be you!

Want that Elvis Presley Box Set? Enter now!


  • James Haas III

    I love popmarket. I have ordered Elvis cd box sets before from them. The cost was lower than any where else and they always offer music rarities for sale. I enjoy reading the newsletter to see what is available next that I can scoop up and add to my collection!

  • Brian

    It is absolutely ABSURD that you charge our cards at the time of purchase, yet here we set MONTHS LATER with nothing shipped from you, and you won’t reply to our banks when they inquire about these charges. THIS IS AN EPIC FAIL, and I will NEVER recommend PopMarket again to anyone. It used to be a reliable service, but you now have HUNDREDS OF MY DOLLARS for product that was NEVER SHIPPED, and I CANNOT SEEM TO GET A REFUND!

  • Chris Ridings

    when will the winner be announced for this one?

  • Miguel Soto

    Give me The Master’s masters.

  • Jeff Burke

    The King!

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