Michael "Miggy" Leyden

Michael "Miggy" Leyden

Michael Leyden, known in the art world as "Miggy," is an established New York based painter. Miggy's paintings are often composed in layers, with separate layers for color, texture, sketches, and imagery.

In 2011, to raise awareness for the 22+ U.S Veterans committing suicide every day, Leyden rode his mountain bike 1,700 miles from Brooklyn, NY to Austin, TX.  After being told the ride would be impossible, Miggy took to the road armed only with a backpack and a rusted mountain bike.     

After mysteriously disappearing shortly after his “Suicide Ride”  Miggy is back from his “Art Cave” that he reclusively stayed for nearly 6 years.  Previously known for his hit children music cd "GABDERN CHICKEN", Miggy is now fully dedicated his life to his painting.  

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