Soundgarden Debut 'Ultramega OK' to Receive Expanded Reissue

Soundgarden Debut 'Ultramega OK' to Receive Expanded Reissue

On March 10th, Sub Pop records will be releasing a newly remixed and expanded edition of Soundgarden's classic debut album, 'Ultramega OK'. 

In addition to the 'Ultramega OK' album, this deluxe reissue will feature what Sub Pop are referring to as the 'Ultramega EP'. 

According to the Sub Pop website, "the band dug out six early versions of tracks that wound up on Ultramega OK. The songs were recorded in 1987 on 8-track tape by Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek at Reciprocal Recording in Seattle, and mixed by Jack Endino in 2016. These versions feature the band in raw, powerful form – sonically closer to the band’s Endino-recorded six-song debut, Screaming Life – and provide a fascinating window into the development of songs that eventually became staples of the band’s set."

The release will be available on CD, 2xLP, DL, and Cassette on March 10th. Pre-orders will be available from popmarket later this week!

Track listing:

1. Flower
2. All Your Lies
3. 665
4. Beyond the Wheel
5. 667
6. Mood for Trouble
7. Circle of Power
8. He Didn’t
9. Smokestack Lightning
10. Nazi Driver
11. Head Injury
12. Incessant Mace
13. One Minute of Silence
14. Head Injury (early version)
15. Beyond the Wheel (early version)
16. Incessant Mace (early version)
17. He Didn’t (early version)
18. All Your Lies (early version)
19. Incessant Mace (V2) (early version)


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