Staff Picks x Ian

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Staff Picks x Ian


Growing up in a musical household (my father is an opera singer, classical guitarist & cantor), I was exposed to all types of genres growing up, and you will see that reflected in my staff picks.

While this collection only represents a small percentage of my favorite albums, I think it does a good job representing my varied tastes (albeit with a LOUD rock lean). From timeless classic “Mt. Rushmore” albums from Sabbath, Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Metallica and The Clash to some newer favorites from Future Islands, Explosions In The Sky and Arcade Fire, I chose these albums with one main qualifier in mind - how often do I actually still listen to them? And the answer for these is, A LOT.

Music has always and always will be a highly subjective medium, and while I don’t expect everyone to agree with these picks, I hope you give them a chance and explore those you are unfamiliar with, or revisit those that have been collecting dust on your shelves.

Check out the full list here and if you like what you see, you can use the code IAN15 for 15% off your order.

Enjoy & rock on!


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