The Paul McCartney 'Flowers in the Dirt' Reissue Debacle Continues

The Paul McCartney 'Flowers in the Dirt' Reissue Debacle Continues

Remember that issue that we mentioned in last month's blog post about the Paul McCartney 'Flowers in the Dirt' reissue? 

No? In short, 16 of the 47 audio tracks on the set are to be included only as ‘download-only’ digital files. In other words, they will not be included in the set on CD, vinyl, cassette, or any other physical format. All of this left a number of collectors -- particularly Paul Sinclair of Super Deluxe Edition -- fairly upset. 

Well, there's been an update to this whole debacle. More specifically, after getting over 1,000 people to sign a petition supporting an improvement to the McCartney set, Sinclair was granted a brief Q&A with McCartney's Manager.

In short (and unfortunately), the reissue is going forward as planned. That being said, there is still a lot of interesting information in this interview. 

Check out the full blog post from Paul Sinclair on Super Deluxe Edition right here!


  • Gary Thompson

    Where are you? You took my money in January and it is now April………Have sent 3 requests for updates.

  • Brian

    It is absolutely ABSURD that you charge our cards at the time of purchase, yet here we set MONTHS LATER with nothing shipped from you, and you won’t reply to our banks when they inquire about these charges. THIS IS AN EPIC FAIL, and I will NEVER recommend PopMarket again to anyone. It used to be a reliable service, but you now have HUNDREDS OF MY DOLLARS for product that was NEVER SHIPPED, and I CANNOT SEEM TO GET A REFUND!

  • Phil

    To be honest, I was pissed off from the beginning of ‘The Paul McCartney Collection’ series at the addition of a huge white stripe down the left hand side of the artwork. It looks awful and, for me, further removes them from being faithful reproductions of the original releases. Don’t get me started on having to download when you have opted to buy a physical item.

  • O.J.

    Shame. I am a music collector who still spends a lot of money on physical items. The McCartney Archive Collection turned to such a bad direction after the first 3 releases that I decided not to pay any more money for any new McCartney items. And I am sure I’m not the only one, there are many other collectors out there doing the same. Again: I still pay a lot of money for physical items. But not for McCartney anymore. They don’t respect us, collectors, so why should I respect them? So the result of not respecting us caused that instead of buying I simply download the stuff. Congrats to everyone at the McCartney team.

  • Ian Moore

    I’m a 44-year old music fan living in Argentina, where we only get a very small fraction of deluxe / limited editions released locally, and import versions are only available bothering traveling friends or, if you agree / are able to pay prices that double or triple the original value, through small “boutique-style” stores in Buenos Aires. So, to fill gaps in my collection, my CD library is filled with home-burned CDRs of B-sides / remixes / “lost” live versions / etc. built around lousy mp3/wav/ape/flac (if available) versions of these tracks, and so far Sir Pauls “Archive Collection” (which, in the context I mentioned earlier, are so difficult to get in my country) has been a wonderful vehicle to get hold of all these lost treasures in an official / high quality / resistant-to-the-passage-of-time way (we all know how weak CDRs are and computers HDs can be). So I am really annoyed with this “download-only” situation.
    There was a time when The Beatles proudly made sure they got the best “value for money” for their fans. They always showed great respect and care towards all of us who bought their records with our hard-earned cash.
    Now, comparing Macca’s archival campaign to current reissues by Jethro Tull, Yes and King Krimson gives us eloquent and sad proof of how far Sir Paul’s and his management team (who is this Scott Rodger, a modern-day Allen Klein?) have moved from this and just simply don’t give a damn.

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