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Buzzcocks Vinyl Bundle
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In the Buzzcocks Vinyl Bundle you get two of their classic albums re-issued on vinyl. You get Singles Going Steady their classic Singles compilation from 1979, and you get A Different Kind Of Tension the Buzzcock's third studio album.


Singles Going Steady was the Buzzcocks' classic Singles compilation originally released in 1979. Re-mastered from the original tapes and with the artwork restored under the supervision of Malcolm Garrett (designer of the original sleeves) along with the addition of essays penned by Jon Savage and Clinton Heylin, the packaging is a wonder to behold.

Released quickly after their third studio album, A Different Kind Of Tension, in 1979, Singles Going Steady collected their first eight United Artists singles, A-sides on the first side, with B-sides on the reverse. From the hits Love You More, Promises, Ever Fallen in Love, Everybody’s Happy Nowadays to the bleak Something’s Gone Wrong Again and the repetitive, mantra-like Why Can’t I Touch It, this captures the group at their fleeting best, as essential to the late 70s as the Sex Pistols or The Clash.


Different Kind Of Tension, Buzzcocks’ third studio album, and their last to feature the line-up of Pete Shelley (vocals / guitar), Steve Diggle (guitar / vocals), Steve Garvey (bass) and John Maher (drums), was recorded at Eden Studio in West London in the summer of 1979 with producer Martin Rushent, who had worked on their previous two albums. It was released in September of that same year, and featured a distinctive cover by Malcolm Garrett who had also provided the artwork for both Another Music In A Different Kitchen and Love Bites.

It's conceivable that internal friction helped inspire the title of the third Buzzcocks longplayer, A Different Kind of Tension; the group would splinter shortly after the album's 1979 release. But they went out with a bang, marshaling one of their most diverse and exciting sets of songs under the guidance of producer Martin Rushent. The breakneck pace of their first recordings is well represented by such tracks as opener Paradise, though by the closing sound collage Radio Nine, chief songwriter Pete Shelle

LP comes packaged in original Malcolm Garrett designed sleeves with glossy 8-page booklet containing unseen images, and extensive liner notes courtesy of Jon Savage

Buzzcocks Vinyl Bundle


Title: Buzzcocks Vinyl Bundle
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Buzzcocks
Label: Exclusive Bundle
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 6/14/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 762184487625
Item #: 2171855X


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