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Chaos Isn't Single
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"The eighth Feeding Tube LP by Chris Weisman vinylizes a 2015 CDR originally released by Hidden Temple Tapes. Weisman is, as always, the master of his own domain. Crafting pop tunes worthy of any sophisticated pen you can name (from Nilsson to Beck), his presentation this time is starker than usual. Lots of strummed guitar and shadows of other tastes lurking in the distance. As on his last LP, Play Sharp to Me (FTR 234LP), Chris seems to have added blue notes and hints of discord to his sweet surges. A certain jazziness from that session persists as well, giving the songs here a lilting swing that makes their hooks all the more dangerous. At times the songs almost have the feel of a 'guilty pleasure' (ala late Todd Rundgren or early Shins), but forget the guilt. This is the sound of the Upper Valley Underground at it's finest. You can listen to it all you want. Even bob your head approvingly, and no one will be able to say you're anything but up-to-date as hell. In that sense, Chris Weisman has always been a thinking person's alternative to lots of stuff. Of course, that will all change when he gets heaped the praise his songs so richly deserve. But that's no reason to not get out ahead of the pack. And once you've figured out how much you love Chaos Isn't Single, don't forget to check out his back catalog. It's richer and fatter than Johnny Depp's ass." -Byron Coley, 2017 Edition of 300.


Title: Chaos Isn't Single
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Chris Weisman
Label: Feeding Tube
Release Date: 2/23/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 752830271012
Item #: 1994952X
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