Mott the Hoople | Complete Atlantic Studio Albums | Limited Edition 180g 4 LP Vinyl Box Set

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Mott the Hoople's unsung Atlantic albums from 1969-1972 back on vinyl!

  • 4 LP 180gram, limited and numbered edition box set
  • Includes: Mott the Hoople, Wildlife, Mad Shadows and Brain Capers
  • Featuring early Mott classics such as –Backsliding Fearlessly," –Rock and Roll Queen," –Darkness Darkness," –Sweet Angeline" and many more!
  • All 4 LPs are exact replicas of the original Atlantic albums
  • Includes a 12x12 poster with informative liner notes and a rarely seen band photo from the early 1970s
  • Mott's 4 Glam Rock classics have never sounded better!

It is widely known that Mott the Hoople stopped being a cult band and officially became known as –glam" once David Bowie, a fan of the group's music, persuaded them to stay together after the band was close to calling it quits in 1971. The focus of this exclusive vinyl box set is on Mott's often overlooked, early years, as their first 4 albums were distributed by Atlantic Records in the U.S. These British Rock classics pre-date Mott's –glam years" and the one hit success they would eventually achieve with –All the Young Dudes." And while they showcase Hunter's penchant for Bob Dylan's style, they should not be relegated to the history books as merely derivative, but rightfully considered cult rock classics and trail blazing innovations that influenced the –glam" –punk" and –hard" rock movements of the 1970s.

LP Track Listings:


Side A

1. You Really Got Me

2. At The Crossroads

3. Laugh At Me

4. Backsliding Fearlessly

Side B

1. Rock and Roll Queen

2. Rabbit Foot And Toby Time

3. Half Moon Bay

4.Wrath and Wroll



Side A

1. Whiskey Women

2. Angel Of Eighth Avenue

3. Wrong Side Of The River

4. Waterlow

5. Lay Down

Side B

1. It Must Be Love

2. Original Mixed-Up Kid

3. Home Is Where I Want To Be

4. Keep A 'Knockin'



Side A

1. Thunderbuck Ram

2. No Wheels To Ride

3. You Are One Of Us

4. Walkin' With A Mountain

Side B

1. I Can Feel

2. Threads Of Iron

3. When My Mind's Gone



Side A

1. Death May Be Your Santa Claus

2. Your Own Backyard

3. Darkness Darkness

4. The Journey


Side B

1. Sweet Angeline

2. Second Love

3. The Moon Upstairs

4. The Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception