Dead Can Dance | 4AD 2016 Reissues | 3LP Vinyl Bundle

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Formed in Melbourne, Dead Can Dance was at its core a duo: Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. The band’s arrival to London in 1984 was the beginning of an incredible seventeen year relationship with trailblazing indie label 4AD - which have reissued their entire back catalog... for the first time ever on popmarket, we bring you... DEAD CAN DANCE!

This 3LP vinyl bundle contains the following records: Garden of Arcane Delights, Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun, and Toward The Within. 


The Albums: 

Garden Of The Arcane Delights is the only EP released by Dead Can Dance, coming out in 1984 and acting as a bridge between their first two albums. Its sleeve a sketch by Brendan Perry, depicting “primal man deprived of perception, standing within the confines of a garden containing a fountain and trees laden with fruit... a Blakean universe in which mankind can only redeem itself, can only rid itself of blindness, through the correct interpretation of signs and events that permeate the fabric of nature’s laws.” This new expanded version sees the EP faithfully pressed on to one piece of a vinyl with a second disc being added, compiling both of the band’s sessions for John Peel, recorded in the same time period.

Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun - With Dead Can Dance now firmly centred round the core of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, they released their third album Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun in the Summer of 1987, showing both a continued maturity in their sound and rise in their popularity. Recorded during an intense period of musical and personal growth for the band, the album’s eight songs are split equally between the duo with the first half being sung by Brendan and the second Lisa. At the time, Q Magazine described the album as combining “superb voice, ethereal church choirs, sweeping strings and a brochure of ethnic music: Middle Eastern, Indian, Moorish, anywhere but London’s East End where the couple resided.” The album’s cover only adds to the album’s aura of mystery with a haunting photograph of the family grave at the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris of famed French biologist François-Vincent Raspail.

Toward The Within - Released in October 1994 and out of print on vinyl ever since, Toward The Within was an audio and video document of the 1993 sell-out Dead Can Dance World tour. Recorded at the Mayfair Theater in Santa Monica, California, it marked one of the final performances at the historic theatre as it later suffered major structural damage in an earthquake in 1994. Despite being a live recording, Toward The Within includes twelve previously unrecorded tracks as well as material from their six previous studio albums.


LP Track Listing:

Garden Of The Arcane Delights 

LP 1: Garden Of The Arcane Delights
1. Carnival Of Light
2. In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
3. The Arcane
4. Flowers Of The Sea

LP 2: The John Peel Sessions
1. Instrumental (1983 Peel Session)
2. Labour Of Love (1983 Peel Session)
3. Ocean (1983 Peel Session)
4. Threshold (1983 Peel Session)
5. Flowers Of The Sea (1984 Peel Session)
6. Penumbra (1984 Peel Session)
7. Panacea (1984 Peel Session)
8. Carnival Of Light (1984 Peel Session)

Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun 

1. Anywhere Out Of The World
2. Windfall
3. In The Wake Of Adversity
4. Xavier
5. Dawn Of The Iconoclast
6. Cantara
7. Summoning Of The Muse
8. Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers)

Toward The Within 

LP 1
1. Rakim
2. Persian Love Song
3. Desert Song
4. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
5. Piece For Solo Flute
6. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
7. I Am Stretched On Your Grave

LP 2
1. I Can See Now
2. American Dreaming
3. Cantara
4. Oman
5. Song Of The Sibyl
6. Tristan
7. Sanvean
8. Don’t Fade Away