Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros | The Hellcat Trilogy + Live At Action Town Hall | 4 Album Bundle

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This bundle contains all 4 records released on Hellcat Records. Live At Action Town Hall, Streetcore, Rock Art & The X-Ray Style, and Global A Go-Go. 


Live At Action Town Hall 

First Time Ever On Black Vinyl

Benefit concert recorded 11/15/2002. Features one of the final live performances by Strummer who passed just 4 weeks later.

Features 3 tracks with Mick Jones, on stage reunion with of the former Clash song writing partners.



One of the few true heroes of the punk era, former Clash frontman Joe Strummer walked it like he talked it, never losing his commitment to either his music or his ideals. Streetcore marks his third album since his '99 re-emergence, and possibly his strongest solo album to date.

This fact is all the more poignant in light of Strummer's death shortly before Streetcore's completion. He has left us a swansong of which he could be proud. His famous eclecticism is full-on; this makes the wide-ranging SANDINISTA seem like GIVE 'EM ENOUGH ROPE by comparison. A dizzying fusion of electronica, reggae, funk, hip-hop, rock, folk, blues, world music, and more, it's what he'd been working his way up to ever since his comeback. Things never spiral out of control, as his lyrics are the most focused he'd written since his Clash days--simultaneously political and playful. Streetcore closes with a cover of Bobby Charles's "Grow Too Old" (retitled "Silver and Gold"), a vow to live life to its fullest that would seem tragic in context had not its singer done exactly that all the way to the end.


Rock Art & The X-Ray Style 

Rock Art and the X-Ray Style is the debut album by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, released in 1999. This album featured the band in its first incarnation: Joe Strummer and Antony Genn on guitar and vocals, Martin Slattery playing keyboards and guitar, Steve "Smiley" Barnard on drums, Pablo Cook on other percussion instruments, and Scott Shields on bass. Richard Flack also did engineering on the album. The record marked Strummer's re-emergence from a long absence in the music scene, his last record being 1989's Earthquake Weather. The album begins with "Tony Adams," a track which sounds not unlike Strummer's previous work with The Clash. Saxophone riffs are juxtaposed with reggae inspired guitar, as Strummer recites lyrics detailing a catastrophe hitting New York City. The rest of the record takes a winding journey, with songs that capture Strummer's genre mixing.
Global A Go-Go 

Even when he was leading the Clash, Joe Strummer always incorporated his interest in disparate musical styles into his work. 20 years down the road, he's achieved enough distance from the Clash to express himself fully and freely, so GLOBAL A GO-GO is Strummer's most stylistically diverse offering to date. The album opens with the American folk motifs of "Johnny Appleseed" before moving on to the churning, funky "Cool 'N' Out." The title tune combines hypnotic trip-hop keyboards, reggae guitar, and percolating percussion to celebrate the joys of international communication. "Bhindi Bhagee" successfully combines electronica beats with Eastern tonalities. "Gamma Ray" is a surreal Cuban-style slow-burner that recalls the Latin Playboys. "Mondo Bongo" and "Shaktar Donetsk" sound like excerpts from a film noir soundtrack set somewhere in Morocco. The album closes with the epic 17-minutes-plus "Minstrel Boy," a folkish selection filled with atmospheric fiddle and acoustic guitar, nearly all instrumental. It continues the soundtrack-like feeling achieved by the earlier cuts, and leaves the listener flouting on a cloud of hazy Celtic mist. Throughout the album, Strummer evinces his trademark socio-political awareness in the lyrics, but he sounds much less angry than in punk's glory days. Sometimes maturity can work for you. 


Track Listing 

Live At Action Town Hall 

LP 1
1. Shaktar Donetsk
2. Bhindee Bhagee
3. Rudy Can’t Fail
4. Tony Adams
5. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
6. Mega Bottle Ride
7. Get Down Moses

LP 2
1. Police and Thieves
2. Cool ‘n’ Out
3. Police On My Back
4. Johnny Appleseed
5. Coma Girl
6. I Fought The BankRobber (encore w/Mick Jones)
7. White Riot (encore w/ Mick Jones)
8. London’s Burning(encore w/ Mick Jones)



1. Coma Girl
2. Get Down Moses
3. Long Shadow
4. Arms Aloft
5. Ramshackle Day Parade
6. Redemption Song
7. All In A Day
8. Burnin' Streets
9. Midnight Jam
10. Silver And Gold


Rock Art & The X-Ray Style 

1. Tony Adams
2. Sandpaper Blues
3. X-Ray Style
4. Techno D-Day
5. Road to Rock N' Roll
6. Nitcomb
7. Diggin the New
8. Forbidden City
9. Yalla, Yalla
10. Willesden to Cricklewood


Global A Go-Go 

1. Johnny Appleseed
2. Cool 'N' Out
3. Global A Go-Go
4. Bhindi Bhagee
5. Gamma Ray
6. Mega Bottle Ride
7. Shaktar Donetsk
8. Mondo Bongo
9. Bummed Out City
10. At The Border, Guy
11. Minstrel Boy


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