King's X | The Vinyl Reissues | 4 LP Vinyl Bundle

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Exclusive popmarket bundle from 90's rock legends - KING'S X!!!

This bundle consists of the following four albums:

Out Of The Silent Planet (1988)

The stunning genre busting debut release from KING'S X, "Out of the Silent Planet" was originally released March 28th, 1988. Voted the #1 Album of the Year in 1988 by KERRANG Magazine, "Out Of The Silent Planet" was ahead of its time when it was originally released and the passing of years have done nothing to diminish its power and influence. "Out of the Silent Planet" is ripe for rediscovery.

King's X (1992)

Originally released in 1992, King's X self titled album marked the end of the band's relationship with manager Sam Taylor, and the beginning of a new creative chapter! For many of the faithful, "King's X" is the signature release, combining all of the traits that define and set KING'S X apart. "Prisoner", "Lost in Germany", "The World Around Me" and radio/video hit "Black Flag" set the tone for 11 track self titled release!

Dogman (1994)

Dogman is the fifth studio album by metal/hard rock trio King's X, released in 1994. It marks the band's second album under Atlantic and their first to be produced by Brendan O'Brien, who had gained notoriety based on his work with Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and The Black Crowes. Dogman signaled a heavier direction for King's X and, with strong approval from both critics and fans, is often considered one of their best works.

Ear Candy (1996)

Ear Candy, the sixth album by KING'S X, was originally released on May 20th 1996. Houston's King's X is wildly regarded as one of the most melodic and original rock bands in the country. Their immediately distinctive sound combines incisive songwriting, powerful guitars and the most soaring harmonies this side of early Queen. Ear Candy is easily one of the band's most powerful albums, featuring 13 new tracks including "The Train," "Thinking And Wondering (What Am I Gonna Do)," "Sometime" and more. 


LP Track Listing:

Out Of The Silent Planet

1. In The New Age
2. Goldilox
3. Power Of Love
4. Wonder
5. Sometimes
6. King
7. What Is This?
8. Far, Far Away
9. Shot Of Love
10. Visions 


1. Dogman
2. Shoes
3. Pretend
4. Flies And Blue Skies
5. Black The Sky
6. Fool You
7. Don't Care
8. Sunshine Rain
9. Complain
10. Human Behavior
11. Cigarettes
12. Go To Hell
13. Pillow
14. Manic Depression

Ear Candy 

1. The Train
2. (Thinking And Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do
3. Sometime
4. A Box
5. Looking For Love
6. Mississippi Moon
7. 67
8. Lies In The Sand (The Ballad Of...)
9. Run
10. Fathers
11. American Cheese (Jerry's Piano)
12. Picture
13. Life Going By

King's X 

1. The World Around Me
2. Prisoner
3. The Big Picture
4. Lost In Germany
5. Chariot Song
6. Ooh Song
7. Not Just For The Dead
8. What I Know About Love
9. Black Flag
10. Dream In My Life
11. Silent Wind 


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