Neil Young | 4LP Vinyl Bundle - 2016 Reissues

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At long last, four of Neil Young's greatest records are getting reissued on vinyl - including his iconic follow-up record to the smash hit Harvest - On The Beach, which has been long out of print on vinyl and is considered by many to be the crown jewel of his extensive catalog.

Included in the bundle are:

Time Fades Away (1973) - "...Time Fades Away ranks with the bravest and most painfully honest albums of his career..." - Mark Deming (All Music Guide)

On The Beach (1974) - "List my ten 'desert island discs,' you ask? On The Beach, and nine backup copies of On The Beach. Neil's magnum opus was not masterminded by Neil or even David Briggs but by pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith, who assembled a once-in-a-lifetime backing band including, among others, Rick Danko and Levon Helm of The Band, bassist Tim Drummond, Crosby and Nash, and, most crucially, Cajun legend Rusty Kershaw." - James Jackson Toth (Stereogum)

Zuma (1975) - "In many ways the quintessential mid-'70s hard rock album, Zuma is Neil's 'dude record.' Recorded in Malibu, of all places, and presided over by the great David Briggs, Zuma is an extremely direct, almost reverb-free affair with a great live feel." - James Jackson Toth (Stereogum)

Tonight's The Night (1975) - "At its heart, the album is redemptive, but the path to that redemption would seem to require immolation; Tonight's the Night will leave ashes on your turntable. The songs — morose, disturbing, and magnificent — are, for once, beside the point." - James Jackson Toth (Stereogum)


LP Track Listing:

Time Fades Away

1. Time Fades Away

2. Journey thru the Past

3. Yonder Stands the Sinner

4. L.A.

5. Love in Mind

6. Don't Be Denied

7. The Bridge

8. Last Dance


On The Beach

1. Walk On

2. See The Sky About To Rain

3. Revolution Blues

4. For The Turnstiles

5. Vampire Blues

6. On The Beach

7. Motion Pictures

8. Ambulance Blues



1. Don't Cry No Tears

2. Danger Bird

3. Pardon My Heart

4. Lookin' For A Love

5. Barstool Blues

6. Stupid Girl

7. Drive Back

8. Cortez The Killer

9. Through My Sails 


Tonight's The Night

1. Tonight's The Night

2. Speakin' Out

3. World On A String

4. Borrowed Tune

5. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown

6. Mellow My Mind

7. Roll Another Number (For The Road)

8. Albuquerque

9. New Mama

10. Lookout Joe

11. Tired Eyes

12. Tonight's The Night (Part II)