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Chicago post-rockers Del Rey return with 'Immemorial', their 4th full-length and most ambitious offering to date. The album builds on the cosmic soundscapes and epic odysseys of their previous work, but here the group has channeled their energy into a more evocative, melodic sound, heightening the tension and release that the songs deliver. Make no mistake - the music is heavy, man - but in a clean, angular, and cinematic style that has been honed to perfection. Born in 1997 in the attic of a three-flat in Chicago's Ukrainian Village, Del Rey's music builds on the post-rock and electronic roots of their native city, but their sonic palette also contains hints of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Afro-Cuban textures. Added to their already impressive arsenal of furious double-rumming, stinging guitar work, and mesmerizing electronics, these elements are deftly woven into songs that take on a life of their own. On this outing, the band has also incorporated Asian instruments such as the Chinese guzheng and Japansese taiko drumming into their collection. Live, the music is infused with a feverish urgency, each song played like it could be their last. The signature of the group's shows is the symbiotic intricacy of their twin-drumkit attack, which, with it's relentless ferocity and punishing grace, has been leaving mouths agape and eardrums in shock for over a decade.

Title: Immemorial
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Del Rey
Label: At a Loss Recordings
Release Date: 5/27/2016
Product Type: LP
UPC: 616822002919
Item #: SFGR200291

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