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Previously un-issued recordings from the Porn Art Movement (1980-1982), including five performances recorded live on Ipanema Beach in 1982, as well as a selection of previously unheard studio recordings of Eduardo Kac yell-poems. Kac fused existing coarse and curse words with parts of words, neologisms, salacious buffoonery, the anti-normative scribblings of toilet-wall graffiti, commonplaces, blasphemy, expletives, agrammatisms, incorrect orthography, slangy expressions, lexical exorbitance, general obscenities, the gross and the grotesque, into a new whole. His use of stigmatizing words in these Porn-poems transformed them from denigrating to empowering, through political critique and defiance. The LP also includes the "Manifesto Pornô" (1980) and four recordings of "Flatographic Poems" from 1982, in which Kac uses the flatus as a compositional unit and the mellifluous flow as material. "Flatographic Poems" have visual scores - one of which can be seen on the cover - for metabolic performances that combine meticulous precision with gaseous explosiveness of scatological resonance. Demanding a high level of self-mastery on the part of the performer, this anal poetry was the only series of works produced in the movement to literally explore the internal side of the body. Includes an LP-size 40-page full-color book with full documentation on the Porn Art Movement. Edition of 270.

Title: Porneia
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Eduardo Kac
Label: Alga Marghen
Release Date: 12/9/2016
Product Type: LP
UPC: 769791963917
Item #: 1752317X
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