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Minutes Of Sleep
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Francis Harris is one of the most interesting figures on the American electronic music circuit and beyond. His output has gone from tightly-wound tech house cuts as Adultnapper in the early days, sublime deep house as Frank & Tony, intricate and expressive musical journeys as evident in his two solo-albums Leland (2012) and Minutes Of Sleep (2014), and ambient shoegaze with two Aris Kindt albums, co-produced with Gabe Hedrick. Most recently Harris branched out with a new label - Kingdoms - a home for his love of a more adventurous sound. Up until now his most notable milestones remain the two solo-albums Leland (2012) and Minutes Of Sleep (2014) who became essential albums of the genre. Both albums have been out of print for a long-time and due to public demand, Scissor & Thread present new vinyl editions of both albums. Carefully restored from original masters and artwork the albums now appear in gatefold-sleeves. Minutes Of Sleep is a beautiful, delicately fractured and crystalline electronic tribute to the more emotional side of Francis Harris's production talent. Features a Terre Thaemlitz remix to wrap up this quite beguiling release. Having moved even further from the dancefloor, Harris has succeeded in creating a work that sounds like little else, it's rich ambience even surpassing the melancholy of even Leland. But it's no downer: featuring Gry Bagøien on vocals and No Regular Play 's Greg Paulus on trumpet (both of whom appeared on Leland), along with Emil Abramyan on cello, Minutes Of Sleep is an exquisite, lovingly rendered accomplishment, defined as much by grace as by sadness. Originally released in 2014. Gatefold sleeve; includes download code. "One of the finest electronic LPs of the year. " -Inverted Audio


Title: Minutes Of Sleep
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Francis Harris
Label: Scissor & Thread
Number of Discs: 2
Attributes: 2 Pack
Release Date: 6/29/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 4250382436065
Item #: 2060540X
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