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Lonesome Sound
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Bear Family have condensed the 'The Lonesome Sound' album to 10 inch size, and the album comprised 12 songs that were written and previously recorded by other artists. The specialists at Bear Family bring a vibrant quality into a project made originally from Hank Williams vocal demos, with session overdubs applied in the late 1950s in Nashville and give what fans have waited for, a clear vocal intonation, musical clarity, like never before. Hank Williams had been laid to rest for seven years and the public still mourned his passing, and clamoured for new songs and the posthumous 'The Lonesome Sound' was the result of this request. The vocals used on 'MGM E 3803' were largely mixture of transcriptions, vocal and guitar demos. Some of the musicians used for this project had previously worked with Hank or had the ability to recreate his sound. To provide a full sound the session men nucleus comprised; Don Helms, Harold Bradley, Floyd Chance, and to deepen the sound and fit into the times drums were provided by Murrey Harman. The musicianship was sympathetic and perfectly done, what was at issue was the quality of the demos used, and at that time overdubbing was still in it's infancy. Hank's interpretation of other artist's songs, often found him injecting something new into the arrangements, changing the tempo and direction of many of the composition, stamping upon them his own identity. Upon hearing the music allow yourself to absorb the clarity, rhythm, and vocal delivery of Sundown and Sorrow, Roly Poly or Tennessee Border, hearing is believing, and the tempo hints at the next incantation of music's development. The current political 'hot' topic in Europe is over pension and retirement payments. Crooning the melancholy and reflective Rockin' Chair Money, transposes Hank into another persona, spending army wages in semi-retirement, rockin' and swinging on the old porch chair. (... )Mark Armstrong, Germanyread more on www. Bear-family. #com


Title: Lonesome Sound
Genre: Country
Artist(s): Hank Williams
Label: Bear Family
Attributes: 10-Inch Vinyl
Release Date: 7/20/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 5397102140044
Item #: 2043672X


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