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King Diamond LP Bundle Set 2
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In the King Diamond LP Bundle Set 2 you get three King Diamond Vinyl LPs. You get Conspiracy, The Dark Sides, The Eye all three on Limited Edition Picture Discs.


Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. Conspiracy is a concept album by King Diamond, being the second part of a story that begun on the album Them. It was released in 1989. Conspiracy was the last album to feature original drummer Mikkey Dee. In this sequel to Them, an adult King returns to the House of Amon to reclaim his rightful place as heir to the house. However, unanswered questions about his sister's death, his mother's involvement with his diabolical therapist, and his own madness all prove to be difficult if not insurmountable obstacles. He makes a deal with Them (the unseen antagonists from the album of the same name, part one of the story) to return control of the house to Them in exchange for the chance to see his now-dead sister Missy again. He believes she can help answer some of his questions.


Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. The Dark Sides is a compilation of King Diamond songs, released in 1988 by Roadrunner Records. This album contains five tracks (and an outro), released on previous albums, but are mostly unrelated in their stories (as King's albums were concept albums). King Diamond are a Danish heavy metal band formed in 1985 by vocalist King Diamond. Since the band's inception, there have been over fifteen musicians in and out of King Diamond, with the only two mainstays being vocalist King Diamond and guitarist Andy LaRocque.


Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. The Eye is a concept album by King Diamond released in 1990. It continues to feature a major storyline such as other King Diamond albums, though it is told differently. His two prior concept albums had been told from the perspective of the protagonists; this one is told from the view of a narrator. The themes of Christian atrocity with the persecution of alleged witches and sexual abuse against nuns are present. The story starts off with an unnamed character finding a necklace called The Eye, that allows him/her to see the events the necklace was witness for in the past.

King Diamond LP Bundle Set 2


Title: King Diamond LP Bundle Set 2
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): King Diamond
Label: Exclusive Bundle
Release Date: 6/15/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 762184268620
Item #: 2061201X


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