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Frank & Ruth
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LP version. Pierre Ruiz on the release: "I cannot exactly remember when the idea of this album was born in my mind. What I am sure of is that I always wanted to complete such a project, which was to realize the dream of a vibraphone and marimba tribute to the music of my favorite musician composer, Frank Zappa. I met Marco Pacassoni about six years ago. I called him because we were looking for a vibraphonist for a tour with the artist Bungaro. We immediately developed a real friendship and when I told him about my idea and my fascination with Ruth Underwood, explaining that for me the best Zappa albums were the ones on which she played... When Marco decided to really go for it (about two years ago), his first statement was that it was impossible not to include 'Peaches en Regalia' and 'The Black Page' on the album... From the beginning, when we first spoke of possible musicians, it was very clear to Marco that he needed to invite Lorenzo de Angeli and Enzo Bocciero to this project. Both talented musicians, and members of his quartet, I agreed that they would perfectly fit. Marco and I both wanted a guitarist - and since is a very courageous decision for a tribute to Zappa - I was convinced that Alberto Lombardi, with whom I had worked on another album, was equally technically and artistically perfect for such a project. I discovered Gregory Hutchinson when he was playing drums with Joshua Redman in 2000. Since then, he'd been for me one of my top-of-mind drummers... Marco also wanted to pay tribute to Ruth. That's why he wrote 'For Ruth'... The Zappa Songbook represents more than half of the music that he published. It would have been illogical not to include at least a couple of songs. Alberto is actually an accomplished singer, having recorded two albums. 'The Idiot Bastard Son' is one of his favorites, and this selection was met with much enthusiasm by Marco because we'd had this particular tune on our shortlist. I also had in mind to feature Petra Magoni on this album. She is one of my favorite Italian voices, and in my opinion, Petra's tone is perfect for Zappa music."


Title: Frank & Ruth
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Marco Pacassoni
Label: Esordisco
Release Date: 4/19/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 8016670133483
Item #: 2114495X
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