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Vahana 2
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Mark Du Mosch and Eliott Litrowski. This is the new association that makes up Cracki Records' Vâhana #2. This unique alliance perfectly represents what Cracki Records wishes to create and transmit with it's project Vâhana, i.e. The meeting between an established artist and an artist in the making. On the one hand, the experienced Dutch producer, respected by the entire electronic scene thanks to his raw and emotional work. In the imagery of Cracki Records, he would be the equivalent of the Indian god Ganesh, a huge elephant symbol of intelligence and power, who came to illuminate the minds of all with his extensive knowledge. At his side is Eliott Litrowski, the young French revelation living in Copenhagen with mad energy and boundless creative ambitions. At the head of his own label Fuego International, he also recently released Smock Machine, the latest release on David Vunk's label Moustache Records. Eliott here represents the "Vâhana" of the god Ganesh, i.e. his mount, which is represented in Indian Mythology by a malicious and stirring little mouse. Thanks to his help, the imposing Ganesh can finally get everywhere and solve all the problems. For this Vâhana #2, elephant Mark and mouse Eliott join forces and offer us a two-part adventure. Eliott opens the ball with "Fistebar", and sends us to distant horizons, with a gentle introduction dressed in cosmic arpeggiators. "Hello Wave" then takes you aboard a spaceship for a wild and rich race in suspense, before moving on to the song "Peace Zone". Contrary to what it's name suggests, this excited title is a real intersidereal war zone where lasers are flying. The second part, directed by Mark du Mosch, brings you back to Earth. The inspirations on this side originate below the Earth's surface, in the heat of the planet's liquid core. "Liquo & Patchou" offers us an introduction in the form of romantic and dreamy poetry, before "Stormwatch", a raw and rough piece, symbolizes the explosion of the EP's outlet. This second side finally ends with "P2 Lush Dub", a vaporous and mysterious outro, closing this record by already letting you dream of the next one.


Title: Vahana 2
Genre: Electronic
Label: Cracki Records
Release Date: 8/9/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 190759542712
Item #: 2191369X
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