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Let Me Panic
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Money/ Paper/ Hearts just want you to listen. They do things to you. But you have to give them time. One listen isn't enough. Enough to seep into your skin. It might strike a nerve, but this band doesn't feel like striking anything. Only a full blown attack will do. While raised on and influenced by punk and post-punk rock bands like the Clash, Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, and The Replacements, M/P/H have taken their musical ambitions and churned out honest, raw and powerfully catchy music. This Brooklyn band self-recorded, produced and released their debut EP in 2008. It was all done in a tiny practice space with a laptop and a few microphones in the DIY style they all grew up admiring. They went on to open for the likes of I Am The Avalanche, Banquets, and Nightmares For a Week to name a few. MPH's latest endeavor, entitled Let Me Panic, is a sonic journey if you're willing to sit down and let it digest. Let Me Panic is thick in sound, and meant to be heard at full volume. Songs like Bobbi & Debbie, Making Love to a Matador, and Sonic Spill are political observations. Whereas songs like I-75, Greasy Thumb, and Wet Cement are as much an outward looking social commentary as they are an inward facing emotional assessment. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the struggle of a boy becoming a man; trying to find his place in this current culture of political and economic unrest in America. Let Me Panic!


Title: Let Me Panic
Genre: Rock
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 616892076544
Item #: 489712X
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