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Pancake Breakfast
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Pancake Breakfast is a roots rock machine from Portland, Oregon. This is their debut, full-length record. 'Everyone likes Pancake Breakfast. They're a fun band. They're a band that has fun playing. We need more of that.' - The Oregonian 'I really like this band called Pancake Breakfast ... It's just this guy Mike Midlo and a cast of characters to back him up ... At the core of it is good songwriting ... every time I see them I feel like I'm peeking into somebody's living room while they're having a family sing along.' Carrie Browstein -Fader Magazine Interview, January 2011 The members of Pancake Breakfast like to have a good time. You can hear that on the record. Sometimes they holler and make loud noises. You can hear that on the record, too! All these tracks were recorded by in a comfy house near a dormant volcano. You Can Sing Along Listen to this record. It's a real album with good songs you can hum and tap your toe to ... like in the old days. There are country songs, and folk songs, and rock songs, and every kind of song. But most of all, you'll hear good stories about proud truckers and angry birds, magic cars and unfortunate fish. See Pancake Breakfast Music Videos at: PancakeBreakfastMusic.com Album Liner Notes ¡The Pancake Breakfast Singers! Pete Bosack - guitar & very loud noises Sarah Fox - foot stomps & hollering Julie Gliniany - tap dance & soprano outbreaks Stephanie Lawson - tap dance & paddy cakes Mike Midlo - guitar, bass, banjo & other nonsense Christa Mrgan - paddy cakes & foot stomping John Whaley - trumpet, flügelhorn, & piano bits with Mike Coykendall - bass, drums, whistles & the tin can, William Joersz - bass, Scott Magee - drums, Paul Andrew Seely - drums, Les Thorton - tuba Thanks to Lewi Longmire, The Builders & the Butchers and Dustin Hamman for singing along. Pancake Breakfastland map by Kat Mathews Barn painting by Colin Campbell Layout and Design by Christa Mrgan This album was recorded by Mike Coykendall in Portland, Oregon Mike Midlo wrote the songs. © 2010 MidLo Music, BMI PancakeBreakfastMusic.com.


Title: Pancake Breakfast
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Pancake Breakfast
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/10/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 884502766172
Item #: 145232X
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