Annuals | Be He Me | Orange Vinyl 2LP (Limited Edition of 250)

  • $ 24

it's always surprising to find out one of your favorite records has never been pressedÄ be he me has been an album that always reminds me of happy times.

needless to say i was psyched to hear the band was interested in working together. if you haven't noticed by now, when we put together a release we like to give it a little extra something to set it apart from the rest. i thought the possibilities would be endless to come up with a package that reflects the creativity of the music, but the original artwork was so stunning i didn't want to stray too far from it.

something about the mushrooms on the cover reminded me of a buddy who use to grow them in his closetÄ half joking i thought how cool it would be if the package could grow, then it just seemed fitting with the bands name. so the idea was sparked and i went for it.

i hope this release makes the world a little greener, and your days a little brighter. enjoy!

- from intheclouds records

Side A:

Brother | Dry Clothes | Complete Or Completing

Side B:

Carry Around | Chase You Off | Bleary-Eyed

Side C:

Fair | The Bull, And The Goat | Mama

Side D:

Ida, My | Father | Sway