Archers of Loaf | All the Nations Airports | Clear Vinyl LP (+ Bonus Material)

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With All the Nations Airports, originally released in 1996, Archers of Loaf were uncompromising in their efforts to push themselves in new directions. They delivered an album that included some of the more simple indie pop songs that had made them famous as well as four instrumental tracks, layered tape loops and even a solo piano song, but the song structures became much more complex. These songs provided a wide range of color and emotion but somehow none of the songs seemed out of place on the album. Album artwork re-imagined by Ian Dingman.

LP Track Listing:

Side A
1. Strangled by the Stereo Wire
2. All the Nations Airports
3. Scenic Pastures
4. Worst Defense
5. Attack of the Killer Bees
6. Rental Sting
7. Assassination on X-mas Eve

Side B
1. Chumming the Ocean
2. Vocal Shrapnel
3. Bones of Her Hands
4. Bumpo
5. Form and File
6. Acromegaly
7. Distance Comes in Droves
8. Bombs Away

All the Nations Airports Bonus Material:
1. Density (7" single, Alias, 1996)
2. Little Jets (ATNA Unreleased B-side)
3. Strangled by the Stereo Wire (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
4. All the Nations Airports (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
5. Scenic Pastures (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
6. Trilogy (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
7. Assassination on X-Mas Eve (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
8. Chumming the Ocean (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
9. Vocal Shrapnel (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
10. Bones of Her Hands (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
11. Bumpo (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
12. Form and File (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
13. Acromegaly (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
14. Distance Comes in Droves (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
15. Bombs Away (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
16. Density (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
17. Little Jets (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
18. There Has to Be Something (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
19. Total Failure (ATNA 4-Track Demo)