Archers of Loaf | Icky Mettle | Blue Vinyl LP (+ Bonus Material)

  • $ 19.99

Archers of Loaf's acclaimed 1993 debut album Icky Mettle here on limited-edition blue vinyl with digital download. Re-mastered by Bob Weston and featuring new liner notes by Robert Christgau, Icky Mettle comes with bonus material (packaged digitally with the LP) including the entire Vs. the Greatest of All Time EP as well as singles and b-sides from the Icky Mettle era.

LP Track Listing:

_Side A
1. Web in Front
2. Last Word
3. Wrong
4. You and Me
5. Might
6. Hate Paste

Side B
1. Fat
2. Plumb Line
3. Learo, You're a Hole
4. Sick File
5. Toast
6. Backwash
7. Slow Worm

Icky Mettle Bonus Material:

1. Audiowhore (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
2. Lowest Part Is Free! (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
3. Freezing Point (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
4. Revenge (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
5. All Hail The Black Market (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)
6. Wrong (Stay Free! 7" Version)
7. South Carolina (Stay Free! 7" Version)
8. Web In Front (Alias 7" Version)
9. Bathroom (Alias 7" Version)
10.Tatyana (Alias 7" Version)
11.What Did You Expect? (Merge 7" Version)
12. Ethel Merman (Merge 7" Version)
13. Quinn Beast (7" Version)
14. Powerwalker (A Day in the Park compilation)