Baroness | Blue Record | Vinyl LP 180 Gram

  • $ 24.98

Georgia-based psychedelic rock band (calling them a metal act seems very reductive, though there's some seriously headbangable material on this disc) Baroness has made a subtle but unmistakable evolutionary leap on this, their second full-length and a clear companion piece to 2007's RED ALBUM. It's hard to say exactly what new guitarist Pete Adams has brought to the band after replacing drummer Allen Blickle's brother Brian, but the band's established blend of Southern sludge riffs, druggy instrumental journeys, and melodic interstitial interludes, all propelled by a particularly thudding drum sound and held together by John Baizley's hoarse but clean vocals and gorgeous cover art, are even stronger now than before. This is a ferocious album that's not afraid to be genuinely beautiful.

LP Track Listings:

Side A:

1. Bullhead's Psalm

2. The Sweetest Curse

3. Jake Leg

4. Steel That Sleeps the Eye

5. Swollen and Halo

6. Ogeechee Hymnal

Side B:

1. A Horse Called Golgotha

2. O'er Hell and Hide

3. War, Wisdom and Rhyme

4. Blackpowder Orchard

5. The Gnashing

6. Bullhead's Lament