Baroness | Red Album | Vinyl LP

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_Relapse Records' Baroness sound like a band that's been together much longer than their four years. Their debut full-length, THE RED ALBUM, displays a veteran band's sense of adventure and sophistication while retaining a young band's power and energy. Similar in spirit to (fellow Georgians) Mastodon, Baroness concentrates on giving a song room to breathe. They're not afraid to jam, but never lose focus, building complicated, twisting guitar acreage that's equal parts Metallica and Television, with a strong balance of tension and release that demands your attention. Heavy as a boulder or light as meringue, Baroness shows an advanced mastery of dynamics that will please many a cerebral headbanger.

LP Track Listings:

Side A

1. Rays on Pinion

2. The Birthing

3. Isak

4. Wailing Wintry Wind

5. Cockroach En Fleur

Side B

1. Wanderlust

2. Aleph

3. Teeth Of A Cogwheel

4. O' Appalachia

5. Grad