Bauhaus | Mask | Vinyl LP

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From 1978-1982 Bauhaus surged mercurial through the post-punk music scene, tearing into tense, bass-driven new-wave, T-Rex-esque dark-glam and swirling, clattering, orchestral atmospherics, whilst churning it into a grand, velvet, Rimbaudian hallucination. Managing to expand their sound on Mask, the members of Bauhaus stretched themselves into new areas of music and performance, resulting in an album that was arguably even better than the band’s nearly flawless debut.


Track Listing 

1 Hair of the Dog
2 The Passion of Lovers
3 Of Lilies and Remains
4 Of Lilies and Remains
5 Hollow Hills
6 Kick in the Eye 2
7 In Fear of Fear
8 Muscle in Plastic
9 The Man with X-Ray Eyes
10 Mask