Blues Traveler | Save His Soul | Celestial Marble 180g Colored Vinyl 2LP

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Celestial Marble Vinyl

Fully Remastered Audio By Jeffrey Norman

Custom "True Replica" Jacket Featuring Brilliant Original Artwork

Blues Traveler are a hippie blues'n'boogie band in the mode of Canned Heat and Savoy Brown. Led by John Popper, a rotund singer and harmonica player, the New Jersey quartet captured the open-ended jam mentality of its live shows on its first two studio albums. On their third album, Save His Soul, Blues Traveler tightens up their arrangements and puts more emphasis on songwriting and premeditated parts. While this cuts down on the meandering solos and monotonous rhythm patterns, it forces attention on the hackneyed aphorisms and melody-starved chord changes that pass for the band's songwriting. On the other hand, they have improved noticeably as players, and bassist Bobby Sheehan shines in particular on the fast and tricky syncopations. --Geoffrey Himes

LP Track Listing:

1. Trina Magna

2. Love and Greed

3. Letter From a Friend

4. Believe Me

5. Go Outside and Drive

6. Defense & Desire

7. Whoops

8. Manhattan Bridge

9. Love of My Life

10. NY Prophesie

11. Save His Soul

12. Bullshitter's Lament

13. Conquer Me

14. Fledgling