Bob Dylan | Witmark Demos | 180g Vinyl LP

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The Witmark Demos are seeing their first commercial release on 4 LP 180-gram vinyl in nearly five decades after they were first recorded. Listening to these 47 original recordings, one can trace Dylan's dramatic growth as a songwriter from early traditionally-styled songs like –Man On The Street" and –Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie" through the social commentary of –Blowin' In The Wind, –The Times They Are A Changin'" and –Masters Of War," and the groundbreaking lyrical genius of –Mr. Tambourine Man." All of these songs, and all the others on The Witmark Demos, were written _ and their subsequent demos recorded _ before Bob Dylan turned 24 years old.
Among the many gems found on The Witmark Demos are 15 previously unreleased Bob Dylan songs which include the plaintive –Ballad For A Friend," the civil rights era-inspired –Long Ago, Far Away" and –The Death Of Emmett Till," and the poignant –Guess I'm Doing Fine."
The Witmark Demos also features a deluxe booklet featuring in-depth liner notes by noted music historian Colin Escott, as well as rare photographs of Bob Dylan captured during the same period as these early recordings.

LP 1 - Side A

  1. Man On The Street (Fragment)
  2. Hard Times In New York Town
  3. Poor Boy Blues
  4. Ballad For A Friend
  5. Rambling, Gambling Willie
  6. Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
  7. Standing On The Highway
  8. Man On The Street

LP 1 - Side B

  1. Blowin' In The Wind
  2. Long Ago, Far Away
  3. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
  4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  5. The Death of Emmett Till

LP 2 - Side A

  1. Let Me Die In My Footsteps
  2. Ballad Of Hollis Brown
  3. Quit Your Low Down Ways
  4. Baby, I'm In The Mood For You
  5. Bound To Lose, Bound To Win
  6. All Over You
  7. I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day

LP 2 - Side B

  1. Long Time Gone
  2. Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
  3. Masters Of War
  4. Oxford Town
  5. Farewell

LP 3 - Side A

  1. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
  2. Walkin' Down The Line
  3. I Shall Be Free
  4. Bob Dylan's Blues
  5. Bob Dylan's Dream

LP 3 - Side B

  1. Boots Of Spanish Leather
  2. Girl From The North Country
  3. Seven Curses
  4. Hero Blues
  5. Whatcha Gonna Do?
  6. Gypsy Lou

LP 4 - Side A

  1. Ain't Gonna Grieve
  2. John Brown
  3. Only A Hobo
  4. When The Ship Comes In
  5. The Times They Are A-Changin'
  6. Paths Of Victory

LP 4 - Side B

  1. Guess I'm Doing Fine
  2. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
  3. Mama, You Been On My Mind
  4. Mr. Tambourine Man
  5. I'll Keep It With Mine