Breaking Bad | The Complete Second Season | Blu-ray or DVD

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Things go from breaking bad to breaking worse for Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the cancer-stricken chemistry teacher, and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), his former student and partner-in-crime, in Season 2 of the drama about two methamphetamine cookers. Having watched drug dealer Tuco (Raymond Cruz) "beat a dude to death...for nothing," Walt and Jesse decide they need to cut ties with the psychotic pusher. Impetuous Jesse devises a half-baked plan of attack, but cooler-headed Walt has a more surefire way to get rid of Tuco. Once free of him, Walt and Jesse face a new pair of problems. First, their business takes a financial hit, and second, Walt's brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank (Dean Norris), gets a major break in the investigation into the meth ring-and it just may put Walt and Jesse in his crosshairs. In response, Walt cooks up an elaborate ruse that has him spinning intricate webs of deceit and misdirection, while a rattled Jesse establishes a shaky alibi that places him in Hank's sights. To get their product back on the streets, Jesse organizes a crew of dealers, and one of them is jacked by two drug-addled losers who make off with his stash and cash. Arguably the season's most riveting episode, it ends in a shocking scene of crushing finality. Meanwhile, on the home front, Skyler (Anna Gunn) is extremely concerned about Walt's mysterious disappearances. When he finally makes overtures to reconnect with the family, she keeps him at arm's length, still wondering what he's been up to while he was away. As for Jesse's personal life, he once again finds himself on the streets, and his quest for living quarters not only proves successful, but lands him a girlfriend as well. ~ Ray Stackhouse