Bruce Springsteen | Born to Run | 180g Vinyl LP

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"It's hard to pick my favorite Springsteen record, as The Boss has churned out some of the great American records ever, but if given only one choice, it has to be Born to Run for me. "Thunder Road" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest songs ever recorded, and Bruce is at his storytelling best on Born to Run. The E Street Band is absolutely RIPPING as well and the sheer complexity of the recording makes this an essential selection."

Favorite Tracks: Thunder Road

- Ian Edery (popmarket)


Ranked 18/500 On Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time

Mastered By Bob Ludwig Working Under The Supervision Of Springsteen & Engineer Toby Scott
Bruce Springsteen spent everything he had _ patience, energy, studio time, the physical endurance of his E Street Band _ to make his masterpiece. There are a dozen guitar overdubs on the title track alone. "The album became a monster," Springsteen recalled. But in making his third album, he was living out the central drama in its gun-the-engine rock & roll: the fight to reconcile big dreams with crushing reality. He found it so hard to re-create the sound in his head _ the Jersey-bar dynamite of his live gigs, Phil Spector's grandeur, Roy Orbison's melodrama _ that he nearly gave up and put out a live album. But his attention to detail produced a timeless record about the labors and glories of aspiring to greatness.

- Rolling Stone


LP Track Listing:

1. Thunder Road

2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

3. Night

4. Backstreets

5. Born to Run

6. She's The One

7. Meeting Across The River

8. Jungleland