Carnage | Dark Recollections (Full Dynamic Range Edition) | Vinyl LP

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This album had never been reissued on vinyl, and had been incredibly difficult to find up until now. Originally released on the Earache imprint label Necrosis, run by none other than Jeff Walker and Bill Steer, "Dark Recollections" was the first full-length output by Michael Amott, who would of course later join Jeff and Bill in Carcass before finding further fame with Arch Enemy. Carnage also comprised of Jonny Dordevic (later of Entombed), as well as Fred Estby and Matti Karki of Dismember.

Track listing:

Side A

01. Dark Recollections
02. Torn Apart
03. Blasphemies of the Flesh
04. Infestation of Evil
05 Gentle Exhuming

Side B

06 Deranged from Blood
07 Malignant Epitaph
08 Self Dissection
09 Death Evocation
10 Outro