Cheap Trick | The Classic Albums 1977-1979 | Vinyl LP Box Set

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The Classic Albums 1977-1979 box collects the first five ground-breaking power-pop masterpieces from one of America's all-time great rock bands, Cheap Trick. First released within a breathtaking two-year creative peak period in the late 1970s, these classic titles--Cheap Trick, In Color, Heaven Tonight, Live At Budokan and Dream Police--have been newly remastered in 2013 from the original analog tapes and come packaged in original album artwork, housed in a newly-designed, numbered limited edition LP box.



LP Track Listings:



Side A

1. Hot Love

2. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

3. He's a Whore

4. Mandocello

5. The Ballad of T.V. Violence (I'm Not the Only Boy)


Side B

1. Elo Kiddies

2. Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School

3. Taxman, Mr. Thief

4. Cry, Cry

5. Oh, Candy



Side A

1. Hello There

2. Big Eyes

3. Downed

4. I Want You to Want Me

5. You're All Talk


Side B

1. Oh Caroline

2. Clock Strikes Ten

3. Southern Girls

4. Come On, Come On

5. So Good to See You



Side A

1. Surrender

2. On Top of the World

3. California Man

4. High Roller

5. Auf Wiedersehen


Side B

1.Takin' Me Back

2. On the Radio

3. Heaven Tonight

4. Stiff Competition

5. How Are You?

6. Oh Claire



Side A

1. Hello There

2. Come on, Come On

3. Lookout

4. Big Eyes

5. Need Your Love


Side B

1. Ain't That a Shame

2. I Want You to Want Me

3. Surrender

4. Goodnight Now

5. Clock Strikes Ten



Side A

1. Dream Police

2. Way of the World

3. The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)

4. Gonna Raise Hell


Side B

1. I'll Be With You Tonight

2. Voices

3. Writing on the Wall

4. I Know What I Want

5. Need Your Love