Coldplay | X&Y | 180g Vinyl 2LP

  • $ 24.98

Musically, Coldplay has never sounded more adventurous than they do on X & Y and they absolutely perfect making simplicity seem sublime here. The music shifts from intimate, quiet and personal to soaring climaxes that culminate in massive layered sounds which push back the band's own boundaries. The scale of Coldplay's ambition is on full display as they've never been known to shy away from success and with the momentum they manage to accrue with each successive release, there's literally no stopping this band. Pressed on double 180g vinyl.


LP Track Listings:


LP 1 - Side 1

1. Square One

2. What If

3. White Shadows



LP 1 - Side 2

1. Fix You

2. Talk

3. X&Y



LP 2 - Side 1

1. Speed of Sound

2. A Message

3. Low



LP 2 - Side 2

1. The Hardest Part

2. Swallowed In The Sea

3. Twisted Logic

4. Til Kingdom Come