John Lennon | Milk & Honey | 180g Vinyl LP

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Limited vinyl LP repressing of this album from the Rock icon. Released in 1984, Milk and Honey is an album credited to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It is Lennon's eighth and final studio album, and the first posthumous release of Lennon's music, having been recorded in the last months of his life during and following the sessions for their 1980 album Double Fantasy. It was assembled by Yoko Ono in association with the Geffen label. While John's former songwriting partner Paul McCartney may have had a more commercial appeal after the Beatles split, Lennon's work was a bit looser, edgier and laced with wit, wisdom and a dab of venom. Sometimes shambolic and often beautiful, John's solo work took a separate journey than Paul's but is just as riveting four decades later.


Track Listing 

1. I'm Stepping Out 
2. Sleepless Night 
3. I Don't Wanna Face It 
4. Don't Be Scared
5. Nobody Told Me 
6. O'Sanity 
7. Borrowed Time
8. Your Hands
9. (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess
10. Let Me Count The Ways
11. Grow Old With Me 
12. You're The One[