Daft Punk | Alive 1997 + Alive 2007 | Deluxe Edition 4LP Colored Vinyl Box Set

  • $ 129.98

Limited Deluxe 4 LP box includes Daft Punk's mythical live show from 2007 released for the first time on double vinyl!

Daft Punk Alive 1997 + Alive 2007 on Limited Edition colored 180g 4LP Box Set + 50-Page Book + Download

  • Limited Edition 4 LP Box Set on 180g vinyl
  • Alive 2007 limited edition book in LP format, hard cover, 50 pages
  • Alive 2007 double LP in a triple gatefold (clear cyan vinyl)
  • Alive 2007 Bonus LP. Side A "Human After All/Together/One More Time (cover)/Music Sounds Better With You" (without LP label), Side B etched Alive 2007 logo on a clear cyan vinyl
  • Alive 1997 same as the original LP with stickers (silver vinyl)
  • Slip mat with Daft Punk logo (black with phosphorescent ink)
  • Alive 2007 VIP pass
  • Limited time download card with: Alive 2007 + Bonus + "Harder Better Faster Stronger" live video (same as the collector edition CD of Alive 2007) + Alive 1997

Following the groundswell of their critically acclaimed and chart topping 2013 album Random Access Memories which made them the first act in Grammy History to win Album of the Year and Best Dance/Electronica Album, Daft Punk is issuing, Alive 1997 + Alive 2007, an elaborate limited edition colored 180g 4LP box set which includes their two live albums Alive 1997 and Alive 2007, Alive 2007 bonus LP, 50-page hardcover book (pictures taken during the shows), replica Alive 2007 VIP concert pass and download for the whole nine yards.

The idea for Daft Punk's first live album, Alive 1997, began when the duo happened upon a live recording captured from a stellar performance in Birmingham, UK in November 1997 during their first European tour. After listening to the recording, they decided that it was their best live performance ever and wanted to share it with fans worldwide. Issued in 2001, Alive 1997 is comprised of 45 minutes of non-stop live mixing that showcases the duo's unique and influential DJ style.

Recorded at Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in June 2007, Daft Punk's second live set, the Grammy award winning Alive 2007, is finally being offered on vinyl for the very first time. An innovatively sequenced virtual greatest hits package, Alive 2007 includes ingenious productions of such definitive Daft Punk fare as "One More Time," "Da Funk," "Around The World," "Harder Better Faster Stronger," "Television Rules The Nation," "Crescendolls" and "Alive."

Track Listings:

ALIVE 2007
Side A:
1. Robot Rock
2. Oh Yeah
3. Touch It
4. Technologic
5. Television Rules The Nation
6. Crescendolls

Side B:
1. Too Long
2. Steam Machine
3. Around The World
4. Harder Better Faster Stronger
5. Burnin'
6. Too Long

Side C:
1. Face To Face
2. Short Circuit
3. One More Time
4. Aerodynamic
5. Aerodynamic Beats
6. Forget About The World

Side D:
1. Prime Time Of Your Life
2. Brainwasher
3. Rollin' And Scratchin'
4. Alive
5. Da Funk
6. Daftendirekt
7. Superheroes
8. Human After All
9. Rock 'n' Roll

Side A: Human After All/Together/One More Time
Side B: Etched Alive 2007 logo

ALIVE 1997
1. WDPK (Part I)
2. Da Funk
3. Rollin' And Scratchin'
4. WDPK (Part II)
5. Alive