Daft Punk | Discovery | 180g Vinyl 2LP

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Daft Punk's sophomore release, and the album that really introduced the group to the masses, Discovery, picks up where Homework left off. There's plenty of cyborg vocals and banging disco-house, but there are some new wrinkles in the Daft Punk sound. In general, the Parisian pair Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo display a newfound eclecticism that looks beyond the dance floor for kicks. Here, they tackle '80s-synth pop "Digital Love," Air-ish downtempo "Night Vision," and electro-jazz fusion "Short Circuit," alongside their legendary disco-house floor-fillers "Too Long," and the kickin' single "One More Time". It's a joyous, irresistible, and over-the-top sound that's destined to be an international nightclub smash.


LP Track Listing:

1. One More Time
2. Aerodynamic
3. Digital Love
4. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
5. Crescendolls
6. Night Vision
7. Superheroes
8. High Life
9. Something About Us
10. Voyager
11. Veridis Quo
12. Short Circuit
13. Face to Face
14. Too Long