Deftones | Koi No Yokan | Vinyl LP

  • $ 24.98

Picking up where 2010's lauded Diamond Eyes left off, the group's seventh album, Koi No Yokan ("Love's Premonition") is their boldest yet. Deftones' ability to take their sound to the extremes is as accomplished as ever here, ranging from the pounding opener "Swerve City" to the raging lead single "Leathers" to the mesmerizing "Tempest" and the cosmic "Entombed."

LP Track Listings:

Side A:
1. Swerve City
2. Romantic Dreams
3. Leathers
4. Poltergeist
5. Entombed
6. Graphic Nature
Side B:
1. Tempest
2. Gauze
3. Rosemary
4. Goon Squad
5. What Happened To You?