DEVO | Booji Boy Throbblehead (Numbered Limited Edition) | Figurine

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Limited to only 1000 numbered units!

Includes a BONUS Booji Boy vinyl sticker sheet!

Based on DEVO concert photos dating back to the late 1970s, this limited edition bobblin' Booji Boy figure is wearing his favorite over-stuffed exercise suit, and is armed with an early circuit-bent toy.

Take some time out for fun with Booji Boy. He'll feel right at home in your house, at your office, glued to the dashboard of your car, or anywhere!

Mark Mothersbaugh says:

"Every religion needs a reliable icon to help guide its flock through the stormy days, and devolution is no exception! Attach this BOOJI BOY fetish item to your dashboard, your bedpost, your baby sister, your tumor, or your grand-daddy! Consider him your lightening rod, your invisible shield, your prophylactic safety zone, your own special fourth dimension portal, for BOOJI BOY is all this, and much much more! No need to fear nuclear destruction with BOOJI looking after you and yours! Defeat enemies and spies, pass exams, stools, stones, win at love, attract all three sexes, get out of jail free, learn how to dance... Because we're all DEVO!"