Discharge | End of Days | Vinyl LP

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Without Discharge's ultra-metallic guitar tone, it could be argued there never would have been a Metallica. The band's newest offering and first studio release in 7 years is classic UK82/Dbeat. Another band Metallica covered famously and there is many a picture of them sporting Discharge shirts on the road.


LP Track Listing:_

1. New World Order
2. Raped and Pillaged
3. End of Days
4. The Broken Law
5. False Flag Entertainment
6. Meet Your Maker
7. Hatebomb
8. It Can't Happen Here
9. Infected
10. Killing Yourself to Live
11. Looking at Pictures of Genocide
12. Hung Drawn and Quatered
13. Population Control
14. The Terror Alert
15. Accessories by Molotov, Pt. 2