Disney | The Jungle Book Original Soundtrack | CD

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1. The Bare Necessities (Dr. John and The Nite Trippers)
  2. Trust in Me (Scarlett Johansson)
  3. Main Titles - Jungle Run (John Debney)
  4. Wolves - Law of the Jungle (John Debney)
  5. Water Truce (John Debney)
  6. The Rains Return (John Debney)
  7. Mowgli's Leaving - Elephant Theme (John Debney)
  8. Shere Khan Attacks - Stampede (John Debney)
  9. Kaa - Baloo to the Rescue (John Debney)
  10. Honeycomb Climb (John Debney)
  11. The Man Village (John Debney)
  12. Mowgli and the Pit (John Debney)
  13. Monkeys Kidnap Mowgli (John Debney)
  14. Arrival at King Louie's Temple (John Debney)
  15. Cold Lair Chase (John Debney)
  16. The Red Flower (John Debney)
  17. To the River (John Debney)
  18. Shere Khan's War Theme (John Debney)
  19. Shere Khan and the Fire (John Debney)
  20. Elephant Waterfall (John Debney)
  21. Mowgli Wins the Race (John Debney)
  22. The Jungle Book Closes (John Debney)
  23. I Wan'na Be Like You (2016) (Christopher Walken)
  24. The Bare Necessities (Bill Murray and Kermit Ruffins)