Dream Theater | The Astonishing | 180g 4LP Vinyl Box Set

  • $ 124.99

The Astonishing Vinyl Box Set features a Custom 12”x12” hard slipcase that houses a 4LP set of 180-gram black vinyl housed in 2 gatefold jackets with inserts. A Double-sided 18”x24” map of The Great Northern Empire of the Americas. 

The Astonishing is undisputedly the most ambitious undertaking by a band whose cerebral compositions already define the vanguard of progressive hard rock.

The Astonishing is enriched exponentially by the integration of a real orchestra and choir, arranged by conductor David Campbell, whose work graces over 450 gold and platinum albums, including watershed releases from Adele, Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Beyoncé, and his son, Beck. The Astonishing was produced by Petrucci with engineering and mixing by Richard Chycki, whose resume includes work with Rush, Aerosmith, and Mick Jagger. Other organic sounds are more abundant than at any point in the band's history, with Rudess in particular relishing the tones from a grand piano and Hammond organ.

Like Tommy or The Wall, the songs on The Astonishing work as both singular compositions and overall story components. Writing the music as a duo, Petrucci and Rudess venture into unexplored corners of their sound without sacrificing their musical identity.

LP Track Listing:

LP 1
1. Descent Of The NOMACS
2. Dystopian Overture
3. The Gift Of Music
4. The Answer
5. A Better Life
6. Lord Nafaryus
7. A Savior In The Square
8. When Your Time Has Come
9. Act Of Faythe

LP 2
1. Three Days
2. The Hovering Sojourn
3. Brother, Can You Hear Me?
4. A Life Left Behind
5. Ravenskill
6. Chosen
7. A Tempting Offer
8. Digital Discord

LP 3 1. The X Aspect
2. A New Beginning
3. The Road To Revolution
4. 2285 Entr'acte
5. Moment Of Betrayal
6. Heaven's Cove
7. Begin Again

LP 4
1. The Path That Divides
2. Machine Chatter
3. The Walking Shadow
4. My Last Farewell
5. Losing Faythe
6. Whispers On The Wind
7. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices
8. Our New World
9. Power Down
10. Astonishing