Elvis Costello & The Attractions | Goodbye Cruel World | 180g Vinyl LP

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Elvis Costello wasn't in a happy place when he began writing Goodbye Cruel World. His marriage collapsed between the record's start and finish. He was also dealing with what he deems the "dreadful 80s"ãa period in which the importance of videos trumped musical merit, the government in his native England engaged in controversial conflicts, and nuclear threats hovered over daily life like a black cloud. What possible good came out of the age? A smart batch of songs that stands up to many of the singer-songwriter's better-known works and an underrated record. Includes the single –The Only Flame In Town," and –Peace In Our Time."


LP Track Listing:

Side A

1. The Only Flame In Town

2. Home Truth

3. Room With No Number

4. Inch By Inch

5. Worthless Thing

6. Love Field

Side B

1. I Wanna Be Loved

2. The Comedians

3. Joe Porterhouse

4. Sour Milk Cow Blues

5. The Great Unknown

6. The Deportees Club

7. Peace In Our Time